Stiffness Method vs Flexibility Method for Pipe Stress Analysis

By Alex Matveev

Widely used pipe stress analysis software PASS/START-PROF [1] uses the structural mechanics methods for beam structures, see [2], [3] and similar literature. The piping system is considered […]

June 29, 2021

Importance of Bourdon Effect, True and Effective Axial Force

By Alex Matveev

Bourdon Effect in Pipelines Bourdon Effect is associated with the pressure elongation of the piping and pipeline systems. In piping and pipeline systems, elbows or bends are frequently used for

August 6, 2020

Learn Pipe Stress Analysis from the Experts (Free Webinar Recordings & Presentations)

By Alex Matveev

Many of you are aware that recently PASS team has released a significant update of their stress analysis software START-PROF. This new edition has improved a lot of features and

July 15, 2020

Creep Rupture Usage Factor for Allowable Variations in Elevated Temperature Service

By Alex Matveev

Appendix V of ASME B31.3-2018 code covers the application of the Linear Life Fraction Rule, which provides a method for evaluating variations at elevated temperatures above design conditions where material

July 14, 2020

Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT) and Impact Test

By Alex Matveev

Minimum Design Metal Temperature or MDMT is the lowest temperature that a piping system with specified material and thickness can withstand. While designing piping systems (equipment) in cold regions where

July 13, 2020

Modeling Piping Connection to Storage Tank

By Alex Matveev

The tank nozzle can be modeled using the special “Tank Nozzle” object in START-PROF software. Tank connection modeling has a special significant features in comparison with pressure vessel modeling. Tank Nozzle

July 12, 2020

Professional Pipe Stress Analysis Software PASS/START-PROF Version 4.84 Released

By Alex Matveev

PSRE Co. is pleased to announce launch of a new version of PASS/START-PROF, modern professional pipe stress analysis software. 4.84 version rises PASS/START-PROF to a new level and makes the

July 1, 2020

New, Extended Capabilities of PASS/Nozzle-FEM

By Alex Matveev

Authors: Roman Unesikhin, Andrey Krasnokutsky, Ph.D., and Alexey Timoshkin, PASS SUITE team What is PASS/Nozzle-FEM PASS/Nozzle-FEM is a program designed to calculate the stresses and flexibility of nozzle-to-shell junctions using

April 5, 2020

Importing an Autodesk REVIT model into Piping Stress Analysis Software START-PROF

By Alex Matveev

What is Autodesk REVIT Autodesk REVIT is modeling software used mainly by Mechanical, Civil, Architectural engineers and designers. It offers a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach for design and construction projects.

March 26, 2020

How to import an AVEVA E3D or PDMS model into START-PROF Piping Stress Analysis Software

By Alex Matveev

What is AVEVA E3D E3D and PDMS are some of the frequently used plant design software developed by AVEVA. The Stress Analysis Software Start-Prof provides import and export features that

March 24, 2020