March 2, 2021

PSRE Co Announces Release of PASS/START-PROF 4.85

By Alex Matveev

The new version of Pipe Stress Analysis Software PASS/START-PROF 4.85 is available for download. Responding to the demands of the worldwide engineering market, PSRE Co has added crucial capabilities to the newest version of PASS/START-PROF, a smart and easy solution for pipe stress analysis.

Starting from 25th February 2021, all piping, process, mechanical engineer or designer looking for powerful and cost-effective software for piping stress analysis can evaluate the powerful analysis capabilities of PASS/START-PROF 4.85.

What’s New in PASS/START-PROF 4.85

One of the most significant features of the latest version is dynamic analysis capability. PASS/START-PROF 4.85 supports normal modes analysis which measures the response of a piping system to dynamic loads. If piping’s natural frequency is close to the equipment operating frequency, the resonance effect occurs and vibration amplitudes become too great. The goal is to reduce or increase the piping natural frequencies by adding the supports, changing design, using rigid supports instead of flexible, etc. New analysis type is verified, added new examples into the verification manual.

PASS/START-PROF 4.85 includes two new object types: ball joints allowing rotation of two connected pipes around 3 axes with friction effect, and snubbers. Hyspan Barco and Dalian Yiduo ball joints are added into the Database.

The new software release supports the following updated codes:

  • ASME B31.1-2020 Power Piping (USA);
  • GB/T 20801-2020 (China);
  • SP 14.13330.2018 addenda #1 Seismic analysis of structures;
  • ASME B36.19M-2018 code in pipe database.

Now PASS/START-PROF also includes ASME B31G-2012 code (Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipeline Analysis) enabling to calculate a piping system, if the corroded pipeline segment must be replaced.

In PASS/START-PROF 4.85, the following integration capabilities have been significantly improved:

  • START-AVEVA integration interface;
  • Import from CAESAR II v8, 9, 10, 11, 12;
  • Integration with AutoCAD.

Among other improvements of PASS/START-PROF 4.85 are:

  • Ability to specify different soil movements for each operating mode;
  • New features of the PASS/START-PROF calculator built-in into input fields: the ability to specify the different units and feet-inch representation;
  • New parameters in a concentric and an eccentric reducer: full length and cone angle;
  • Ability to edit the material database in any units;
  • Ability to insert a tank nozzle object as an intermediate object.

To learn about all new PASS/START-PROF 4.85 capabilities, please visit Knowledge Database.

We recommend all customers with active Maintenance Support to download PASS/START-PROF 4.85. To update your dongle, please send a request to 

Updates in Earlier Version 4.84

PASS/START-PROF version 4.84 R4 was released in 2020! See full Version History

The major changes in that release was

  • Added the new version of ASME B31.5-2019, ASME B31.12-2019 codes;
  • Added ASME B36.19M-2018, latest EN 10216, EN 10217, EN 10253 Pipes and fittings into the Database. Now you can just insert it into your piping system from the database;
  • Added the description of PASS/START-PROF COM-Interface for seamless integration with any other software. It allows for side applications on C#, Basic, and other programming languages to create, modify and analyze models using PASS/START-PROF and read the analysis results. Any company can create its own plugin for PASS/START-PROF software integration into the company’s workflow. It is possible to develop a plugin that will automatically invoke PASS/START-PROF stress analysis from 3D modeling software in the background and transfer the analysis results back or generate the reports following the corporate templates, or perform complex analysis series for the thousands of parametric models;
  • Added ability to import the model from Excel Spreadsheet and AutoCAD;
  • Added ability to specify the stiffening rings on the pipe element, that is used for vacuum piping buckling analysis in PASS/START-PROF;
  • And lot of other features and improvements.
  • Added ability to check the angle of any bend. Added ability to see and modify the long-radius bend tangent (R>1000D) for pipelines

Also some major improvements from versions 4.84R2 and 4.84R3:

  • Added ISOPLUS, INPAL (Solice), LOGSTOR. POWERPIPE, +GF+ Urecon Polyurethane Pre-insulated Pipe Jacket Sizes Database for district heating and district cooling network
  • Added export to CAESAR II neutral file (.cii)
  • Added export to PCF (.pcf) file
  • Added buried pipe analysis from the surface live loads using EN 13941 code:

Also updated the full free 30-day trial. Now it is easier to launch the software. Just download the software, run and fill a short registration form. The software will start working immediately.