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Importance of Bourdon Effect, True and Effective Axial Force

By Alex Matveev

Bourdon Effect in Pipelines Bourdon Effect is associated with the pressure elongation of the piping and pipeline systems. In piping and pipeline systems, elbows or bends are frequently used for

August 6, 2020

Creep Rupture Usage Factor for Allowable Variations in Elevated Temperature Service

By Alex Matveev

Appendix V of ASME B31.3-2018 code covers the application of the Linear Life Fraction Rule, which provides a method for evaluating variations at elevated temperatures above design conditions where material

July 14, 2020

Importing an Autodesk REVIT model into Piping Stress Analysis Software START-PROF

By Alex Matveev

What is Autodesk REVIT Autodesk REVIT is modeling software used mainly by Mechanical, Civil, Architectural engineers and designers. It offers a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach for design and construction projects.

March 26, 2020

Beijing Universal Amusement Park Buried Hot Water Piping Network Project in PASS/START-PROF

By Alex Matveev

Brief Project Description Universal Studios Beijing is an upcoming Universal theme park that will open in Spring 2021 as part of Universal Beijing Resort. The park would become the fifth Universal Studios-branded

January 12, 2020

Several ASME B31 & EN 13480 Issues Needed to Know for Pipe Stress Engineer

By Alex Matveev

Axial Stress from Pressure Load, Axial Force and Torsion Moment This issue lead to serious under-estimation sustained and expansion stresses in pipes and fittings in ASME B31.1-2018, ASME B31.4-2016, ASME

December 28, 2019

What is Thermal Bowing?

By Alex Matveev

The thermal bowing phenomenon occurs when a horizontal pipe is filled partially by hot or cold fluid (LNG). Many thermal bowing occurrences cause unexpected damage to the piping or supporting

December 16, 2019

Stress Analysis Features of the Tall Pipe Risers

By Alex Matveev

Tall pipe risers are used in skyscrapers, mines, etc. There are two points that the piping stress engineer should consider: Fluid weight load distribution Pipe longitudinal stability Fluid weight load

October 14, 2019