October 1, 2021

PSRE Co Announces Release of PASS/START-PROF 4.85R5 with ASME B31.3-2020 Support

By Alex Matveev

The new release of Pipe Stress Analysis Software PASS/START-PROF 4.85 R5 is available for download. Responding to the demands of the worldwide engineering market, PSRE Co has added the support of ASME B31.3-2020 code for process piping to the newest version of PASS/START-PROF, a smart and easy solution for pipe stress analysis.

The new software release supports the following updated codes:

  • ASME B31.3-2020 Process Piping (USA);
  • SP 20.13330.2016 addenda 3 Loads and Actions (Russia);

Due to the deletion of appendix D in ASME B31.3-2020, now the SIF and k-factors are always automatically calculated according to ASME B31J.

Updated occasional allowable stress calculation for high-pressure piping.

Updated the allowable stresses for ASME B31.3-2020 high-pressure piping in the material database.

Updated Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT) calculation to ASME B31.3-2020 edition:

Example table. Allowable reduction checkbox is turned off

Significantly improved the converter from CAESAR II into PASS/START-PROF:

  • Improved of temperatures T, pressures P, and support movements D from load case editor with automatic recalculation for operation mode editor
  • Added import of uniform loads U and concentrated forces F from load case editor
  • Added the zero length and finite length expansion joints conversion with automatic recalculation of flexibilities according to CAESAR II and START-PROF rules
  • Added conversion of restraints that are non parallel to the exes X,Y,Z
  • Added conversion of the most popular CNODE techniques of application (support displacements, nozzles, etc.)
  • Added flange conversion with leakage check parameters
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop *.cii files into START-PROF
  • Changed the order of node numbering
  • Improved units conversion
  • Improved test pressure conversion
  • Improved rigid element conversion
  • Improved material conversion, spring conversion
  • Fixed a lot of other issues based on 300 real CAESAR II (*.cii) models conversion sent us by customers
  • As the result, the 90% of imported models now can be immediately analyzed without any issues and error messages

Improved direct two-way interface with AVEVA E3D, PDMS, MARINE (START-AVEVA):

  • Added option for import the trunnion accurate model
  • Added global coordinates
  • Added ability to import element name using parameter 449
  • Improved user’s guide
  • Added improvements suggested by users

Improved Import from PCF format:

  • Added message if base node is not set
  • Fixed transfer of crotch height (parameter 24)
  • Transfer of bend through attribute TAG
  • Other improvements

To learn about all new PASS/START-PROF 4.85 capabilities, please visit Knowledge Database.

To download the trial version please read this article.

We recommend all customers with active maintenance download PASS/START-PROF 4.85. To update your dongle, please send a request to support@passuite.com.