January 12, 2020

Beijing Universal Amusement Park Buried Hot Water Piping Network Project in PASS/START-PROF

By Alex Matveev

Brief Project Description

Universal Studios Beijing is an upcoming Universal theme park that will open in Spring 2021 as part of Universal Beijing Resort. The park would become the fifth Universal Studios-branded theme park in the world, the seventh Universal-built park overall, and the third in Asia.

Universal 1

The buried hot water piping network project was designed by a Chinese company, PASS customer.

Few Technical Details

  • Pipe Diameter: 20 inch or 508 mm,
  • Design Temperature: 85 °C,
  • Insulation: Polyurethane Foam,
  • Depth of Cover: 3.5 m
  • Fluid Carried: Water

For about 5 years, the Chinese TASS/START-PROF distributor Beijing AECsoft Engineering Software sold more than 100 licenses and most of them into the urban heating area.

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Video for the Complete Piping Network as analyzed in START-PROF