November 25, 2019

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM 4.3 is released

By Alex Matveev
We are pleased to announce that PASS/HYDROSYSTEM 4.3 is released! The new version contains new features and significant enhancements:

  • Analysis of pipelines with different wall roughness has been added. The new option is important for pipeline reconstruction;
  • A new piping component ‘reservoir’ has been added to simplify modeling storage tanks and other equipment with liquid column;
  • The option of customizing the list of pipe diameters for diameters selection has been added;
  • The ability to more accurately enter properties and calculate the parameters of solid particles on “slurry” flow analysis added. Now you can model the size distribution of particles;
  • Starting from version 4.3, you can import data from the AVEVA E3D software through open format files. The plug-in is now supplied with PASS/HYDROSYSTEM;
  • Various graphic improvements have been added, including displaying lengths of piping components and their names on a piping diagram and others;
  • The ability to set and calculate gauge pressures along with absolute pressure added.

We recommend all customers with active Maintenance Support to download PASS/Hydrosystem 4.3. To update your dongle, please send a request to